The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has visited the former Democratic Party President Ssebana Kizito who is under medication at Nakasero Hospital, in Kampala.

The Kabaka was on Sunday received by the Managing Director of Statewide Insurance Company, Mr   J. W. Kiwanuka. Mr Ssebaana is the co-founder of the insurance company.

The Kabaka spent a few minutes in the restricted room where Mr Ssebaana is being treated.

Mr Dick Kasolo, the Kabaka’s publicist issued a statement expressing optimism about Mr Ssebaana’s health.

“Doctors have assured the Kabaka that Mr Ssebaana is responsive to treatment although he is still unable to speak. They [doctors] anticipate he will get well soon,” Mr Kasolo said in a statement.

Mr Ssebaana was hospitalitalised last week over multiple strokes to the brain and he has since been in the intensive care unit of Nakasero Hospital.

Mr Ssebaana was a member of Buganda Lukiiko (Parliament). He is a shareholder of the kingdom’s CBS radio. He was also a member of several social and development committee of the kingdom.

Kabaka Mutebi (L) and Mr Kiwanuka leaving Nakasero Hospital