qatar airways

Qatar Airways is set to become the biggest loser in the Persian Gulf’s diplomatic crisis, with many of its routes to Africa, South America and southern Europe disrupted after neighboring countries closed their airspace to overflights by Qatari planes. A journey from Qatar’s capital Doha to Sudan’s main city of Khartoum is now almost twice as long at about six hours, as pilots circumvent Saudi Arabian skies to fly over Oman instead. These costly detours are likely to hurt ambitions at state-owned Qatar Air — the region’s second-biggest carrier — of turning Doha into a global super-hub rivaling Dubai.

History of Qatar Airways

  • Founded in late November, 1993, Qatar Airways started operations on the 20th of January, 1994.
  • Originally owned by the royal family of Qatar, Qatar Airways was re-launched in 1997, under a new management team. Today, the Government of Qatar holds 50% stake of it, and the rest belongs to various private investors.